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Water Well Pumps

At DPS, we’re experts at installing both jet pumps and submersible pumps in residential and commercial settings. If your well pump needs replacing, we’re also the company for you. We’ll handle all aspects of the process: from the initial well location inspection to the actual drilling of the well and installation of your well pump. We’ve installed or replaced thousands of deep well jet pumps and shallow well jet pumps, and the expert technicians at DPS handle more submersible pump installations and repairs than any other company in Northern New Jersey. Our expert technicians can also detect those situations in which your well pump may simply need to be repaired, rather than being replaced entirely.

Does your tap water look muddy or murky? Has the taste changed? Are your spigots coughing and sputtering? These are signs that your well might be under stress. It’s possible that something is wrong with your pump, but it’s also possible that the water table is running below the level of your well. In this case, your existing well might need to be extended. In addition to drilling new wells, DPS can also deepen your existing well.

Well Line and Other Repairs

Broken well lines can be incredibly inconvenient. Not only are the experts at DPS well-versed in well line repairs, we’re also available 24-7 for emergency situations like these. We use state-of-the-art video camera inspection systems to detect and repair broken well lines.

Because DPS is Northern New Jersey’s premier water well pump installation company, our professionals are also experienced at well pump and tank maintenance. We provide well rehabilitation and cleaning services to keep your well tank and water pump in top working condition year-round. To ensure that your family’s water is always clean and fresh-tasting, we also offer well and water system chlorination, well filter installation, and ultra violet disinfection systems.

Other Well Pump Services

Being residents of Lake Hopatcong, we at DPS know that water pressure can vary. Many of our customers choose to install a constant pressure water system. A constant pressure system works in tandem with your well pump to ensure that your water pressure stays consistent. Much like the cruise control system in your car, a pressure tank uses a microprocessor which constantly checks and adjusts you water pressure. Constant pressure systems are adjustable and most units have a “soft start” to avoid brownouts and the dimming of your lights when the pump system starts.

At DPS, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the water industry. Ask one of our professionals today about installing a geothermal heat pump system in your home. Geothermal pump systems (or water-source heat pumps) are a revolutionary way to heat and cool your home, utilizing the naturally moderate temperatures of the Earth to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of conventional heating and cooling systems.

In addition to providing our customers with water well tank and pump services, we also provide backhoe services and water and sewer utility maintenance services. Not only can our experts repair or replace your well pump, they can also replace or repair your septic pump – and we all know how important septic pump maintenance can be.

DPS has been providing water-related services to our customers in Sussex and Morris Counties since 1983. In that time, we’ve worked in residential, commercial and municipal buildings. We’ve even worked in factories, car washes and processing plants. We’ve helped farms and nurseries with irrigation issues and installed community wells, lake water systems and city water boosting systems. DPS is your all-around source for any water-related service or issue. Call us today to find out how we can help you!

List of Well Pump Services

  • Well Pump Installation & Replacement
  • Well Tank Constant Pressure Systems
  • GeoThermal Pumps
  • Well Line Repairs
  • Emergency Pump Repairs
  • Well Rehabilitation/Cleaning
  • Video Camera Inspections
  • Backhoe Services
  • Water & Sewer Utilities
  • Septic Pump Replacement & Repairs
  • Well Location
  • Chlorination
  • Inspections
  • Drilling, Deepening and Sealing
  • Filters & Ultra Violet Lights
  • Common Service Locations

  • Residential Properties
  • Municipal Properties
  • Commercial Projects
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Farms
  • Car Washes
  • Nurseries
  • Community Wells
  • Lake Water Systems
  • Factories
  • Processing Plants
  • City Waterbooster Systems
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